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Private Equity Investors: Think impact investing

Private Equity impact investing; is it a rhetoric or a reality? A decade ago, this concept was barely known by the world, if not the case, by very few investors. The promoters of impact were mainly philanthropists via charitable aid and donations in order to increase the well-being of humankind. Impact investments “are investments made […]

Choosing the right Private Equity Fund structure for your investments

Every Private Equity Fund is unique in itself when it comes to operations, and its structure differs accordingly. By devising a robust investment strategy, Fund Managers are able to mitigate business risks in order to foresee an optimistic overview on Internal Rate of Returns and impact where applicable. The concept of fund structuring is highly […]

Africa-focused fund managers can save up to 31% by choosing this leading jurisdiction

The key attributes of Africa’s leading jurisdiction for investment funds Africa’s leading International Financial Centre puts forward many key attributes that attract interest from investors and corporates, including fund managers, all around the world. These include: Most business-friendly and investment-friendly country in Africa (World Banks’s 2020 Doing Business Report); A diversified and stable economy; Hybrid […]

Valuation in Private Equity: an overview of valuation metrics

Introduction In general terms, valuation is the process of determining the present value of an asset or a business. Valuation in Private Equity is essential for investors, fund managers and other stakeholders to analyse the overall and ongoing performance of a Fund. In practice, fund managers are required to carry out periodic valuation of investments, […]

Investor Relations in Private Equity: An overview

Investor Relations in Private Equity is critical in our dynamic market environment. It acts as a catalyst for key strategic decision-making, viable communication, integrating finance and marketing between both, internal and external stakeholders of an institution.   What is Investor Relations in Private Equity? In the world of Private Equity, Investor Relations refers to the […]

Protected Cell Companies in Mauritius

What are Protected Cell Companies? A Protected Cell Company (PCC) is a Special Purpose Vehicle that authorises the lawful separation of assets owned by each cell of the company. A PCC is a corporate structure, limited by shares, which consists of a core (“non-cellular”) and an indefinite number of cells (“cellular”). In this structure, each […]

Private Equity Fund Administrator

Private Equity Fund Administrator: His role and duties The notion of effective fund administration over the life of a Private Equity Fund (‘PE Fund’) is critical. Over and above the role of the Fund Manager (inclusive and its relative sub-committees), the expertise and robustness of the Private Equity Fund Administrator definitely helps in achieving value […]

The general mechanisms behind a Private Equity Fund

A Private Equity Fund (also referred to as a Closed-End Fund) is a form of alternative investment. It is a pooling of funds from selective investors that invests directly into private companies. An investment in a Private Equity Fund is suitable for various types of investors such as an institutional investor, who is able to […]

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