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Offshore company formation

For the formation of your offshore company, you need to choose an offshore jurisdiction that is internationally compliant and cost-effective. Mauritius for instance, is one of the most business-friendly and investment-friendly jurisdiction in Africa to set up an offshore company. Corporates, investors, entrepreneurs and High Net-Worth-Individuals around the globe are attracted to the Mauritian jurisdiction.

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Africa’s leading International Financial Centre (IFC) offers many advantages to multinational companies and other businesses. Mauritius is a safe, stable and reliable jurisdiction that is ideal for an offshore company formation. Amongst others, its location in a strategic time zone, its pool of qualified and bilingual professional, and its attractive tax system are factors that contribute to the attractiveness of the island. Mauritius also has various bilateral and multilateral agreements as well as strict rules and regulations that ensure business transparency and efficiency, helping corporates to maximise the value of their business.

The Bank of Mauritius and the Financial Services Commission are the two major regulating bodies, which ensure the compliance and security of the jurisdiction. It is important to highlight that Mauritius is an internationally compliant jurisdiction (including FATCA, CRS and BEPS). Offshore company formation in Mauritius are subjected to international rules and regulations. The island is also a preferred destination for relocation by several expatriates. The country’s living environment and other pleasant features attract expatriate and boost the island’s financial economy.

There are two main types of company structures to choose from for an offshore company formation in Mauritius. The Global Business Company and the Authorised Company. A Global Business Company (GBC) is licenced by the Financial Services Commission (FSC). There are specific requirements to adhere to for the setting up of a GBC in Mauritius.

On the other hand, an Authorised Company is an offshore company where the majority of shares of voting rights or the legal/beneficial interest are held (or controlled) by a foreigner. The requirements to establish an Authorised Company differ from that of a GBC, and these types of structures are allowed to engage in a limited number of activities.