Sunibel Corporate Services

MRA launches the Individual Income Tax for the Income Year ending 30 June 2019

Sunibel Corporate Services wishes to inform you that the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) has launched the income tax return season for the Income Year ending 30 June 2019. Individual taxpayers have to file their income tax return and effect payment, if any, by Monday 30 September 2019.

If the filing of income tax return is made electronically (through the website of the MRA, and payment, if any, is made through internet banking or mobile payment, the deadline extends to Tuesday 15 October 2019.

Please note that any late submissions will result in penalty. We therefore recommend you to file your return as soon as possible.

Please note that Sunibel does not automatically handles your individual tax return unless a specific request has been made and agreed by both parties.

Should you require assistance, or wish Sunibel to handle the filing of tax returns on your behalf, do not hesitate to contact us.