Sunibel Corporate Services

Global Legal Advisory Licence

Background of the Global Legal Advisory Licence

This licence is applicable for international law firms interested in establishing regional offices in Mauritius to provide legal advisory and international arbitration services to global business clients.

Such law firms will be eligible for a 5-year corporate tax holiday.


Application for Global Legal Advisory License

  • The application is made under section 77 of the Financial Services Act 2007
  • An entity which is licensed or registered as a law firm in a foreign country may make an application to the Financial Services Commission
  • The parent law firm needs to be qualified, licensed or regulated as a firm entitled to practice law in its home jurisdiction
  • Two foreign lawyers qualified in the home jurisdiction to practice the law of that jurisdiction should be employed by or be part of the entity
  • The applicant also needs to have a physical establishment in Mauritius


Criteria to benefit from 5 years tax holidays:

Holders of the Global Legal Advisory Services Licence should employ at least five (5) lawyers to meet the employment and substance requirements.



For avoidance of doubt, the above mentioned section 77 shall not apply to a person authorized to provide legal services or give legal advice under the Law Practitioners Act and shall be subject to the regulation of financial services under Part IV of the Financial Services Act 2007 broad range of services and solutions out of its office in Mauritius.


How Sunibel Corporate Services can assist?

  • Assess your eligibility for the above tax holidays, provide appropriate tax advice and undertake any necessary formalities
  • Liaise with the regulator(s) for obtaining the required licence for existing and new companies
  • Assist in the formation and on-going administration of the company in Mauritius
  • Provide back office services
  • Provide accounting support

Disclaimer: This article has been prepared based on limited information available and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal or accounting advice. We can arrange for specific tax, legal and accounting advisors for that purpose.