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The Global Headquarters Administration licence can open doors to businesses willing to operate from Mauritius

About the ‘Global Headquarters Administration’ Licence in Mauritius

Introduced in 2016, the ‘Global Headquarters Administration’ licence aims to strengthen the position of Mauritius as a financial and business hub for the region. This licence (provided to a holding company incorporated in Mauritius) allows multinational companies to set up their regional administration, procurement and accounting offices within the Mauritius International Financial Centre (IFC). It also enables them to provide headquarter services such as administration and general management; business planning, development and coordination; and economic and investment research and analysis, to its subsidiaries operating in other countries.


The importance of the ‘Global  Headquarters Administration’ Licence

An international mining company, with the help of international service provider Sunibel Corporate Services, has recently obtained the ‘Global Headquarters Administration’ (GHA) licence, the first issued for this category by the Financial Services Commission (FSC). The company now has its headquarters in Mauritius.

This development reinstates the importance of Mauritius as an International Financial Centre and jurisdiction of substance. Indeed, companies holding a GHA license are required to employ ten professionals with at least two at managerial level, and can easily benefit of the local bilingual (English and French) expertise. Companies operating within and from the Mauritius IFC also benefit from the island’s strong and diversified economy, bilateral and multilateral agreements that enable them to mitigate their business risks, hybrid legal system and system of good governance, reliable banking system, amongst others. GHA licensed companies also need to incur annual expenditures of MUR 5 million in Mauritius.


Testimonial about the service provided

According to a senior person from the international mining company: “to be the first multinational corporation to obtain the ‘Global Headquarters Administration’ licence is a major success for our company in the achievement of our international expansion strategy. This would have been hardly achievable without the support from Sunibel Corporate Services. Their expertise, professionalism, rigour and precision are their greatest strengths and are deeply rooted in their values. Sunibel Corporate Services is an experienced and reliable international service provider for specialised licences”.

Sharing his experience, Nitin Collappen, Managing Director at Sunibel Corporate Services, noted: “applying for and receiving this licence – on behalf of our client – has been a long-winded process, but this achievement is the evidence of our international standards, our dedication and commitment to constantly provide the best possible support to our clients, and of the trust they have in our team. We also believe that the introduction of the ‘Global Headquarters Administration’ licence by the FSC is an important milestone that reinforces the position of Mauritius as a financial and business hub for the region”.