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“Embracing a brighter future together as a nation”

Further to the announcement of the Mauritius National Budget 2019-2020, Nitin Collappen, Managing Director of Sunibel Corporate Services, shares his views about the budgetary measures for the Financial Services sector. To read more, click on the image or see transcript below. Click here to read our Budget Brief 2019-2020. “Embracing a brighter future together as […]

Global Business, un nouveau jour se lève

Longtemps dépendant quasi exclusivement de l’Inde, le Global Business doit désormais opérer dans un nouvel environnement mondial où la transparence est la règle d’or. Or, malgré les efforts de Maurice pour donner de la substance à sa juridiction à travers une série de réformes fiscales et d’ordre réglementaire, il reste toujours sous la surveillance de […]

Maurice doit se positionner dans le Nouveau monde

Quand il parle de Maurice, il ne peut pas s’empêcher d’établir un parallèle avec la Suisse, l’une des principales places financières au monde. D’ailleurs, Patrick Héritier est convaincu que le pays se repositionne avec succès comme une plateforme pour attirer les investissements transfrontaliers à destination de l’Afrique.   Cliquez sur l’image ci-dessous pour une meilleur […]

Mauritius as an International Financial Centre

“Mauritius offers investors the advantages of an offshore financial centre in the Indian Ocean, with a substantial network of treaties and double-taxation agreements, making it the gateway for routing funds into Africa and India.” — United Nations Conference on Trade and Development World Investment Report. Mauritius was once celebrated as the “star and key of […]

Mauritius attracts the new wave of investors

Sunibel Corporate Services Ltd, located in Grand Baie, the main seaside resort of the island, does its utmost to ful l the wishes of businessmen and investors who have fallen in love with the dynamism of Mauritius.   An opportunity to be seized Are you looking to set up and create your own business? Mauritius […]

Sunibel Corporate Services: Yours financially…

You have your reasons – yes, there are plenty of them! – to come and live in the exquisite sanctuary of serenity known as Mauritius. You will also have your reasons to entrust Sunibel Corporate Services Ltd with your business. The stylish offices and elegant lounges of its headquarters in Grand Bay is proof that […]