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Trusts: Why High-Net-Worth Individuals are considering these structures

An often overlooked legal instrument, the trust provides a number of financial and legal advantages for certain projects such as estate planning or asset protection. It is common for High-Net-Worth Individuals to look to Mauritius to incorporate this type of structure. Contribution of Vikash Chumun, Managing Director, and Kevin Veerapen, Team Leader – Business Development […]

Mauritius poised to compete with Singapore through Variable Capital Companies

With the upcoming enactment of the Variable Capital Company Act, the Mauritian jurisdiction will be able to attract more investment funds. Click here to access the article published by Business Magazine, which features Vikash Chumun, Managing Director of Sunibel Corporate Services, as one of its contributors. Note: This articles was originally published in French.   […]

Post-COVID: Mauritius on path to recovery, remains the leading business hub for Africa and Asia

Mauritius is still a preferred destination for doing business in Africa, according to Alan Rungassamy, Executive Director at Sunibel Corporate Services. The country’s political and economic stability, as well as its business-friendly environment, continues to attract investors from the region. He adds that the FinTech and green economy sectors are expected to grow rapidly in […]

How the weak rupee benefits the jurisdiction’s appeal

The weak rupee is a comparative advantage for Mauritius over competing jurisdictions, as it means lower administration costs. But the Global Business sector has other advantages to offer investors. Vikash Chumun, Managing Director of Sunibel Corporate Services Ltd, gives his impressions. Read the full report published in Business Magazine. Note: This article was originally published […]

Global Business – Window of opportunity for Mauritius after its rapprochement with Luxembourg

Luxembourg is known as one of the world’s leading financial centres. Thanks to close cooperation with the Grand Duchy, Mauritius can develop real know-how in promising sectors. Vikash Chumun, Managing Director of Sunibel Corporate Services Ltd gives his impressions. Read the full article published in Business Magazine. Note: This article was originally published in French. […]

Exit from the blacklist: a bright future on the horizon

As of the end of February, Mauritius will definitely be removed from the EU blacklist. This marks a new day for the global business sector, which will be able to focus on its goals of climbing the value ladder and positioning itself as an international financial centre. Vikash Chumun, Managing Director of Sunibel Corporate Services […]

Mauritius on path to recovery in the aftermath of COVID

Mauritius remains the preferred investment platform at the confluence of Africa and Asia. After almost two years of slowdown in economic activities at an international level, we are slowly but surely transitioning to the post-Covid era. Although challenges remain – especially with supply-chain disruptions causing inflation, vaccination programs and the gradual reopening of the borders, […]

Financial sector: A resilience beyond reproach

Mauritius offers companies, entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals a favourable environment for business and investment. Ranked first among African countries in many international indices, in addition to its political and social stability and economic freedom, the country is a recognised international financial centre. Alan Rungassamy, Director and Head of Private Equity at Sunibel Corporate […]

5G: Putting the economy on the modern highway

With the deployment of 5G on an experimental basis, Mauritius is preparing to make a technological leap. In addition to accelerating the process of digitalisation, the fifth generation of mobile communication will position Mauritius in the new normal by facilitating remote working and allowing several sectors of activity to bring innovation into their process. Click […]

Mauritius prepares for the fiscal big bang of 2023

The OECD has set in motion moves to accelerate international tax reform that will culminate in the introduction of a global minimum tax. Determined to adopt best practice in the fight against tax evasion and money laundering, Mauritius has already given its assent to Pillar 2 of the reform plan. Click here to access this […]

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