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Withstanding turbulent times for the Mauritius International Finance Centre…

The financial services sector will undoubtedly play an important role in the development of Mauritius. On one hand, by moving the country away from the middle-income trap, and on the other hand, by providing employment opportunities. Now is the time to prepare the seedbed and lay the foundations for the Mauritius International Financial Centre to achieve […]

Mauritius remains the preferred investment platform

The economy of Mauritius is driven by the services sector, which accounts for around 76% of GDP, with the financial services being among the most vital sector for the economy. Indeed, the contribution of the Financial Services industry to the economy is estimated at 12%, without mentioning its multiplier effect. During the recent confinement period, […]

EU Blacklist – Testing times for Financial Services

“With this blacklist, Mauritius will suffer considerably. Experts in the field list the following consequences the country will have to face”. Nikhel Chung Sam Wan, Head of Business Development at Sunibel Corporate Services, expresses his views on the consequences of Mauritius being listed on the EU blacklist. Click here to read his contribution, along with […]

Sunibel outlines Covid-19 impact on financial services

High level forum and news portal, Platform Africa, catches up with Nitin Collappen, Managing Director, and Nikhel Chung Sam Wan, Head of Business Development, at Sunibel Corporate Services. They both share their insights on how the authorities and financial services players can react in the light of the crisis, looking at reducing stress on the […]

Taking Mauritius IFC to the next level

Established in 1992, the Global Business sector of Mauritius was set up to attract foreign investment to a wide range of financial (banking and non-banking) activities.   Contact us and subscribe to our newsletter * indicates required Email * First name * Message PreferencesWe intend to use your personal information to send you business updates, […]

« Maurice est la juridiction privilégiée pour investir en Afrique »

Malgré les vents contraires, le secteur du Global Business a su faire preuve de résilience. Aujourd’hui, le secteur s’est repositionné avec succès sur l’Afrique, observe Nitin Collappen. « Nous pouvons devenir la Suisse pour cette région du monde. » Veuillez cliquer ici pour lire l’interview complet de Nitin Collappen, Managing Director de Sunibel Corporate Services, publié […]

“Maurice peut devenir un hub pour le commerce électronique”

Les autorités ont déjà mis en place l’infrastructure réglementaire pour permettre le développement de l’e-commerce à Maurice, observe le Managing Director de Sunibel Corporate Services. Veuillez cliquer ici pour télécharger le dossier complet publié dans Business Magazine: “E-Commerce: La disruption tarde à se produire”. Contact us and subscribe to our newsletter * indicates required Email * […]

“Embracing a brighter future together as a nation”

Further to the announcement of the Mauritius National Budget 2019-2020, Nitin Collappen, Managing Director of Sunibel Corporate Services, shares his views about the budgetary measures for the Financial Services sector. To read more, click on the image or see transcript below. Click here to read our Budget Brief 2019-2020. “Embracing a brighter future together as […]

Global Business, un nouveau jour se lève

Longtemps dépendant quasi exclusivement de l’Inde, le Global Business doit désormais opérer dans un nouvel environnement mondial où la transparence est la règle d’or. Or, malgré les efforts de Maurice pour donner de la substance à sa juridiction à travers une série de réformes fiscales et d’ordre réglementaire, il reste toujours sous la surveillance de […]

Global Business: consolidate and climb up the value chain ladder

“As from 01 January 2019, the tax burden has been multiplied 5 times for most global business activities”.  Contribution of Nitin Collappen, Managing Director of SUNIBEL Corporate Services in Business Magazine     Contact us and subscribe to our newsletter * indicates required Email * First name * Message Preferences We intend to use your […]