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Mauritius 2nd on the Absa Africa Financial Markets Index 2020

With the introduction of new rules and regulations, Mauritius has climbed up 4 points (79/100) in comparison with last year (75/100) on the Absa Africa Financial Markets Index 2020. With a market infrastructure and tax environment favourable to foreign investment, it is the second time in a row that Mauritius secured its place on top […]

Mauritius publishes Finance Act 2020 following the 2020-2021 Budget

To provide for the implementation of the measures announced in the Budget 2020-2021, Mauritius published the Finance (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2020, which was enacted on 7th August 2020. Please find below a highlight of the new measures relevant to our industry.   Being compliant with international ideals On 9th July 2020, the Government of Mauritius […]

Foundation in Mauritius: ideal structure for private wealth management

With the Foundations Act 2012, Mauritius added Foundations to its list of wealth management structures available to choose from. Well-known for its economic and political stability and dynamic business regime, setting up a Foundation in Mauritius provides many benefits. This article will highlight the features and basics of a Mauritius Foundation as well as the […]

Global Business Company in Mauritius – What you need to know

Mauritius is one of the preferred jurisdictions for setting up an offshore company. The country is considered as an ideal platform for trading, investment and asset protection activities, with the added advantages of international tax planning. In this article, we guide you through the features of the Global Business Company structure. What is a Global […]

Food security: a growing and positive reality in Africa

What is Food security vs Food insecurity? Food security, as defined by the United Nations’ Committee on World Food Security, means that all people, at all times, have physical, social, and economic access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food that meets their food preferences and dietary needs for an active and healthy life. Health is wealth […]

Offshore banking: Everything you need to know

Contrary to the popular belief, offshore banking is not difficult and is accessible to everyone, subject to meeting certain requirements. It is legal, simple and offers many benefits, and its end-goal remains identical: securing your assets and protecting your privacy. For a deep dive into offshore banking, read our articles below: Benefits of offshore banking […]

Offshore company formation

For the formation of your offshore company, you need to choose an offshore jurisdiction that is internationally compliant and cost-effective. Mauritius for instance, is one of the most business-friendly and investment-friendly jurisdiction in Africa to set up an offshore company. Corporates, investors, entrepreneurs and High Net-Worth-Individuals around the globe are attracted to the Mauritian jurisdiction. […]

Best countries for offshore banking

The best country for offshore banking for you might not be the best for another individual. It is a personalised viewpoint and depends principally on your objectives. The best countries for offshore banking repeatedly feature attributes such as repute, reliability, ease of conducting business and unique advantages that the jurisdiction offer.   Features of the […]

How to open an offshore bank account

Whether it is for economic reasons, political stability, privacy or to make international transactions go smoother, it is simple to open an offshore bank account. Saving money in an offshore bank account is legal given that the source of the money is from legal sources. Some experts confirm that having an offshore bank account is […]

Benefits of offshore banking: why you need an offshore bank account

Considered for decades to be reserved for financial experts, investors, multinationals or High-Net-Worth Individuals, offshore banking continues to gain in popularity. Today, the opportunity to bank internationally is accessible to individuals looking to take advantage of the benefits of offshore banking. You are considering opening an offshore bank account. This guide will take you through […]