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E-commerce in Mauritius: the ideal platform for your international strategy

With 21.8% of the world’s population (about 1.8 billion people) shopping online and e-commerce sales to the amount of USD 2.8 trillion in 2018 (and expected to reach USD 4.8 trillion by 2021), the growth of e-commerce over the past two decades has been impressive. During his presentation of the National Budget, the Honourable Pravind […]

Private Equity: Investor Relations Overview

Investor Relations is critical in our dynamic market environment. It acts as a catalyst for key strategic decision making, viable communication, integrating finance and marketing between both, internal and external stakeholders of an institution. Moreover, as defined by the Corporate Finance Institute, “investors play a major and vital role in the success and growth of […]

Mauritius remains a jurisdiction of repute and substance amid unfounded allegations of ‘Mauritius Leaks’ report

While the ‘Mauritius Leaks’ report – produced out of hacked unconfirmed information – negatively tries to describe Mauritius as a “tiny Indian Ocean tax haven” that apparently assists multinational companies to avoid paying taxes in Africa, it also points out that the jurisdiction has not been used to conduct any illegal activities. The ‘Mauritius Leaks’ […]

Choosing the right Private Equity Fund structure for your investments

Every Private Equity Fund is unique in itself when it comes to operations, and its structure differs accordingly. By devising a robust investment strategy, Fund Managers are able to mitigate business risks in order to foresee an optimistic overview on Internal Rate of Returns and impact where applicable. The concept of fund structuring is highly […]

Protected Cell Companies in Mauritius – Everything you need to know

Introduced in 2000 under the Protected Cell Companies Act 1999 of Mauritius, a Protected Cell Company (PCC) is a Special Purpose Vehicle that authorises the lawful separation of assets owned by each cell of the company. Also known as a Segregated Portfolio Company in some jurisdictions, the PCC allows for more security and flexibility for […]

Mauritius Budget brief 2019-2020: The transformative journey continues towards “embracing a brighter future”

The Honourable Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economic Development of the Republic of Mauritius, on 10th June 2019 presented the National Budget, the last of the current Government’s mandate before the forthcoming general elections. Themed “Embracing a brighter future together as a nation”, the Budget pursues the approach of improving […]

FinTech: Mauritius becomes the first jurisdiction in the world to issue Custodian Services Licence for Digital Assets

In 17th September 2018, Mauritius recognised Digital Assets as an asset-class for investment by Sophisticated and Expert Investors, Expert Funds and Specialised Collective Investment Schemes – through the guidance notes of the Financial Services Commission (FSC). In March, the commission set out the regulatory framework relating to the custody of digital assets, effective as from […]

Structuring your Private Equity Fund in Mauritius: choosing the right Fund Administrator

The notion of effective fund administration over the life of a Private Equity Fund (‘PE Fund’) is critical. Over and above the role of the Fund Manager (inclusive and its relative sub-committees), the expertise and robustness of the effective Fund Administrator definitely helps in achieving value creation. By appointing a good Fund Administrator, the Fund […]

Shareholder disputes: How it affects your business and how to prevent it

Shareholder disputes are disagreements between shareholders. It may concern the governance of the company, or other essential elements such as the company’s processes or finances amongst others. The best way to prevent shareholder disputes is to have in place, a clear and robust Shareholders’ Agreement, right from the start.   How can shareholder disputes affect […]