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Mauritius removed from the European Commission’s high-risk third countries list

On Wednesday 13 February 2019, the European Commission reviewed its list of countries with permissive control in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. With necessary steps taken to ensure its financial sector meets international standards, the Commission took out Mauritius from its high-risk third countries list. Money laundering and the financing of terrorism […]

Sunibel Corporate Services Ltd named best brand of Mauritius

Mauritius, 4th December 2018 – Sunibel Corporate Services Ltd is proud to announce that it has received the Mauritius Best Brand Award from the World Federation of Marketing Professionals (in partnership with the Africa Leadership Awards). The award giving ceremony, held at Le Meridien Hotel, gathered and awarded companies and business leaders across sectors. From […]

Mauritius tax regimes are not harmful – OECD’s 2018 Report on Peer Review Results on Preferential Regimes

Last year, 53 jurisdiction, including Mauritius, underwent a peer review assessment from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) Forum on Harmful Tax Practices (FHTP). Subsequent to this peer review and the changes brought recently by the Mauritian government, OECD’s report has found that Mauritius does not have any harmful tax regimes.   Why […]

Sunibel Corporate Services Ltd is proud to announce the launch of PLEION SA (Luxemburg)

Sunibel Corporate Services Ltd is proud to announce the launch of PLEION SA in Luxemburg. The purpose of PLEION SA (Luxemburg) is to bring together under one structure, the different companies established over the years in order to offer a wide range of services to a demanding clientele. Additionally, this step allows the company to […]