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Structuring your Private Equity Fund in Mauritius: choosing the right Fund Administrator

The notion of effective fund administration over the life of a Private Equity Fund (‘PE Fund’) is critical. Over and above the role of the Fund Manager (inclusive and its relative sub-committees), the expertise and robustness of the effective Fund Administrator definitely helps in achieving value creation. By appointing a good Fund Administrator, the Fund […]

Shareholder disputes: How it affects your business and how to prevent it

Shareholder disputes are disagreements between shareholders. It may concern the governance of the company, or other essential elements such as the company’s processes or finances amongst others. The best way to prevent shareholder disputes is to have in place, a clear and robust Shareholders’ Agreement, right from the start.   How can shareholder disputes affect […]

Termination of exemption of work or occupation permit for foreign spouses of Mauritian citizens

Amendments brought to the Regulations under the Non-Citizens (Employment Restriction) Act sees the termination of the exemption, for foreign spouses of Mauritian citizens, to have a work or occupation permit to be able to work in Mauritius. Statistics Mauritius estimates the number of foreign workers at 29,400 in 2018 (i.e. 4.79% of the current workforce, which […]

Authorised Company in Mauritius – All you need to know

The Finance (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2018 amended the Financial Services Act to introduce a new type of company: the “Authorised Company”. Since its introduction last year, the Financial Services Commission (FSC) has issued 859 Authorised Company Licences. During his 2018/2019 Budget Speech on 14th June 2018, Hon. Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, Prime Minister and Minister of […]

Mauritius maintains Baa1 credit rating thanks to its diversified economy and development policies

In its latest countrywide evaluation, Moody’s Investors Service has maintained its Baa1 credit rating for Mauritius. Moody’s highlight that the island’s upper-middle income and diversified economy, economic development policies and stable political environment are factors that sustain its credit profile. “Resilience and diversification of the local economy, and robust institutional capacity” has helped Mauritius maintain […]

The general mechanisms behind a Private Equity Fund

A Private Equity (also referred to as a Closed-End Fund) is a form of alternative investment. It is a pooling of funds from selective investors that invests directly into private companies. An investment in a Private Equity is suitable for various types of investors such as an institutional investor, who is able to evaluate the […]

Mauritius removed from the European Commission’s high-risk third countries list

On Wednesday 13 February 2019, the European Commission reviewed its list of countries with permissive control in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. With necessary steps taken to ensure its financial sector meets international standards, the Commission took out Mauritius from its high-risk third countries list. Money laundering and the financing of terrorism […]

Private Equity Investors: Think impact investment

Impact investment; is it a rhetoric or reality? A decade ago, this concept was barely known by the world, if not the case, by very few investors. The promoters of impact were mainly philanthropists via charitable aid and donations in order to increase the well-being of humankind. Impact investments “are investments made into companies, organisations, […]

Corporate re-domiciliation: why and how to relocate your company to Mauritius

In the corporate world, growth is the watchword. While you devise strategies to achieve it, you may not found growth on home soil. Shifting countries can therefore open doors to numerous business opportunities. Many companies have chosen to come to Mauritius for business purposes. As at 1st January 2018, there were over 11,000 foreign companies (and […]

Entrepreneurs! Mauritius will charm you

In addition to being an internationally renowned tourist destination, Mauritius has built itself a solid reputation as a reliable and secure financial centre. Indeed, there are many good reasons to choose Mauritius to live and work. Mauritius is a business hub for the region and an essential platform for international trade. Many factors can prove […]